A Tex-Scot Fusion

I had the privilege of photographing a former work colleague, Kristin who harks from Texas. Kristin was tying the knot with Paul who is about a Scottish as you can get. I was really looking forward to this one, especially when she told me she was going for a 50’s style outfit and Paul was going for the ‘Full Scottish’ look. Furthermore, she told me that her dad looks like Kenny Rogers and would be wearing cowboy boots. What is not to love about all of that?

Special NYD delivery

There is no better start to the New Year than the surprise arrival of a newborn. I had to move quickly to prepare for this little man, who turned up early on New Years Day 2014. Newborn photography requires quite a lot of planning and a car full of equipment, not to mention the enormous specialist posing beanbag.

It is a wonderful privilege to be there and capture those early moments, the tiny wrinkly fingers and perfect little nose. It can take 2-3 weeks to deliver the images to the parents, by which time their little one will have changed significantly. They are always relieved that despite the sleepless nights, changing hormones and war wounds, that they took some time out to create these memories.

Welcome to the world Renley.


Beautiful boy


Only five days new, this little man was so good, it was hard to hand him back to mum. It is a honour to have the opportunity to catch this little one at such joyous time in his parents’ life.

I love that this image, and most newborn images, utilise the best of natural light. Can’t wait to capture some other buns in the oven, due soon.

A little bit ‘pulp fictiony’

A little bit 'pulp fictiony'

Keeping the creativity flowing and after a busy weekend shooting a wedding, I embarked on a studio challenge. We had some fun shooting Jenny Lea who went a little bit urban commando. Cheek bones to die for, the pulp fiction look really suits her. Itching to get the camera back out this week. Off to do some newborn photography this month . . . watch this space.

Autumn opportunities

Autumn, the season of mists and fruitful mellowness.

Trentham Garden

Possibly my favourite season for photography. With misty mornings, sumptuous shades of gold leaves, hazy and low sunshine. Perfect for capturing shots of children and families.

This one was taken at Trentham Gardens near Stoke on Trent which is a lovely location for an Autumn Day: http://www.trentham.co.uk/trentham-gardens

Plenty of room for the little lady to toddle around and capture some innocent shots of her first steps. Click on the image for a larger view.

Peace at last

Peace at last

I spent the morning with Paul and Emily separately as they prepared for their wedding. They were friendly and welcoming throughout yet I could feel their nervousness and anticipation as the hours passed.

This picture beautifully portrays their relief  at finally having some time alone for their journey to Spring Hill Barns in Worcestershire for their reception.

I love that Paul takes a break from tradition by having a well earned beer, albeit in a champagne glass 😉

Pick of the crop

Pick of the crop

The tomato harvest was a little disappointing!

The ending of summer

Taken in Southwold at sundown.